Breastfeeding Rocks

Normally the reasons given to breastfeed in the western world is all about the baby and how good it is for them. Which is good and great, but we are all being taught to be selfish, so…

What isn’t so much discussed is how good it is for mum, and when I tell you why, you make think I am crazy.

It is good, because you have no time for yourself.

Your house can get into a proper shithole.

Your laundry can pile up and you have to wear clothes that are covered in porridge.

Your hair could do with a good wash.

You have a few tantrums, more than a few.

You resent your partner for not being the female and getting luxuries like hot meals and Internet time.

Your back aches, neck is sore and shoulders freeze up.

Your baby is clingier than other people’s babies, because you are their food, sometimes you cannot put them down.

So how is this good, you say?

Because you learn some very valuable lessons, like how to not be spoilt, how to deal with jealousy, how to let go of things that you deem important, your vanity is massively reduced.

You learn to control your bad behaviours, and you learn how to surrender yourself to something more important than you, the future.

In other words you get one of the most beautiful gifts you can ever receive, you learn to grow up.

In today’s narcissistic world we are trained to avoid responsibilities. Why?

Because they are delicious.

Could you imagine if we were all full of pride and self-reliance?

Having a skillset, of patience, strength, perseverance, discipline and honour. How different our nations may be.

Breastfeeding is a tough part of our creation, in the past we held each other’s hands through this tough stuff, but today our community is lost. A breastfeeding mom today is worthy of admiration at the highest esteem, because she is going it alone.

And although there are many long lasting psychological benefits to breastfeeding, sometimes in the midst of it there can be psychological unrest. Luckily holding and feeding your baby/babies as you melt into one little pot of love in each other’s arms can balance out the momentary feelings of hardship.

If you are comfortable with a mum who breastfeeds, let her know how awesome she is, and ask if you can do anything to help, and when I say anything, I mean, mop floors and shine mirrors.  Take her a hot meal and play with her baby whilst she eats.

Treat her like she is one of the women bringing forth a generation that will ring in the old, because she is.

So go ahead, Breastfeed, be selfish, it really is the best thing you can do for you.breatfeeding rocks